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Our team of experts will design, install and maintain a secure and unique telecommunications infrastructure dependent on your needs. In addition to being reliable, you will also be built a code-compliant system.

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Riser Management

Riser Restoration

Riser restoration consists of the removal of abandoned cabling in accordance with NEC requirements, and the installation of fire stops as required by local or building fire codes. It also includes the eradication of outdated equipment in riser closets, and securing any existing loose cables.

Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling is the process of installing and maintaining the primary conduit of a building’s distribution system, and consists of the inter-building and intra-building cable connections within a structured cabling system. It’s important for this solution to be reliable because it provides the vital cabling foundation you need to stay connected.

Riser Audit

Riser audits are thorough inspections of your building’s existing telecommunications infrastructure. These audits help our team address any code violations, perform a general system cleanup and suggest possible upgrades.

Tenant Improvements

Our services and upgrades ensure that tenants receive access to the required cabling for their individual space. Any new construction guarantees that your tenants are getting the most out of their voice and data systems.

Telephone Systems

Depending on your needs; we can exchange, add or move your voicemail system. Our team also has the ability to repair existing telecommunications equipment.

Our technicians are trained and certified in the following systems:

Structured Cabling

Our structured cabling services help secure your building’s infrastructure for any future growth. We install wireless access points and fiber optics to achieve the desired goal. We specialize in the following installation, termination & certification:

Benefits of our structured cabling services include:

Riser Management Benefits

Riser Management is the support and maintenance of telecom infrastructure, from MPoE to telecom closets, through vertical cabling. If you operate a single or multi-level commercial property and have a contract with us, then riser management is a free service that our team fulfills for you. Annual agreements provide many benefits to you that are surrounded by our core belief in providing a safe and efficient infrastructure. Some of these benefits include:

Decreased fire hazard risk

Cleaning and maintaining riser closets immensely decreases the risk of a fire. Abandoned cables increase fire hazards.

Limited amount of riser system access

By limiting the amount of people that have access to your riser system, you will exponentially increase the security of your tenants personal communication systems.

tenant maintenance and technical support

This includes management services for new tenants and their telecom installations.

Increased security of riser closets

Having a company that’s in charge of riser management limits the number of people with riser system access, increasing it’s security.

Experience The 3rd Phase Communications Difference

Are you ready to have a telecommunications system that you can depend on, and that you know has improved security and safety? Then, call us today and schedule an appointment! We’ll assess your building’s needs and talk you through our suggestions. Your tenants depend on you for quick and reliable telecom systems, and now you can provide them with the best of the best. We look forward to working with you and helping you make your tenants happy!

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